Prehistoric technology
From Stone axe to mobile: hand-held learning
Caves paintings: Savants not savages. Were caves and their paintings early simulators?

Papyrus, parchment, paper, screens
Manuscripts and the collapse of learning
Books = paper (hardware) + texts (software) & its the software that matters
School slates – the original iPads?
Pen and pencil: Is mobile the new pen and pencil?
Eraser: to err is human, to erase divine
Typewriter: relic that left us with QWERTY, carriage return, backspace and shift

Lecterns: technology of teaching or preaching?
James Pillans – never heard of him? He invented ‘chalk and talk’!
Overhead projectors: the trapezoid projection of boredom

Radio education: huge and hugely underestimated
TV: from Goggle box to Google

Learner stuff
Calculators: Education stuck in pre-calculator age
Clickers: formative feedback key to better learning

Too cool for school: 7 reasons why tablets should NOT be used in education
Keep on taking the tablets: 7 reasons why this is lousy advice
Tablets: 7 researched ways they can inhibit learning
Tablet madness: Would Amplify pass a CRB check? And hideous tablet for women
Malaysia: Chromebook/cloud provision for 10 million! (not taking the tablets)

Tablets New kids on block
Raspberry Pi: 7 reasons why it won’t work
Swivl: your personal cameraman – dream device
3D printers: gimmick or game changer? Next big thing or expensive way to produce lots of ‘small, useless, plastic things’?
Google Glass: 7 amazing uses in learning
Oculus Rift: learning machine that will blow your mind!

BYOD: 7 reasons to leave them to their own devices